Bosques House

Bosques House represents a typological study for a residential development comprised of single-story homes designed for high energy efficiency.

Intended as a prototype, the house is to be replicated across a sloping site in the hillside Chapultepec area of Tijuana. Although the topography offers expansive views over the city and mountain ranges to the north, the orientation of the terrain’s downslope in the same direction as well as requisite street grades create several contradictory conditions in developing the project’s intentions.

The design of the house is centered around a tripartite organization in both plan and section that negotiates the terrain’s opposing terms for market value and energy efficiency – while southern exposure is most favorable for the development of energy-passive strategies in this region, the slope and views to the north dictate the orientation of the house’s primary spaces. To resolve this paradox, a contiguous living room-courtyard space is carved through the center of the house’s massing, creating an equivocal orientation to both northern views and southern light. The surrounding program connects to this central void for spatial continuity as well as additional daylighting and natural ventilation. In section, the interior spaces are embedded between two layers of landscaping – a ground surface that includes the exterior courtyard and peripheral greenery for privacy, and a roofscape comprised of a green roof system and parapets, not only proffering thermal insulation, evaporative cooling, and housing for solar panels, but also serving as a visual frame and foreground for the neighboring house above.

Design Development

Project Team
Salvador Gutierrez, Gabriel Huerta, Arturo Miranda, Angelos Palaskas, Jorge Velez

Project Consultants

Structural Engineer
Ingeneria Estructural y Urbana 33

Civil Engineer
Ingeneria Sergio Zambrano

Facade Consultant
Grupo Basica