Bosques Apartments

By exploiting the relationship between building and terrain, the design of Bosques Apartments seeks to transform the traditional scheme of enclosed, adjoining residences into a hybrid typology that profits from both collective living and a freestanding spatial framework.

Developed for a competitive residential market, the site is subject to contemporary demands upon value perceived by maximums – of views, space, light, privacy and flexibility. Rather than creating a strictly vertical scheme centered on views, a terracing of the building’s mass heightens the inherent qualities of the topography, minimizes the ecological impact of construction, and maximizes both the spatial agility and connectivity between interior and exterior for each unit.

Design Development

Project Team
Salvador Gutierrez, Gabriel Huerta, Arturo Miranda, Angelos Palaskas, Jorge Velez

Project Consultants

Structural Engineer
Ingeneria Estructural y Urbana 33

Civil Engineer
Ingeneria Sergio Zambrano

Facade Consultant
Grupo Basica